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You can trust SilverLake Communications to deliver dependable service before, during and after install.


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SilverLake Communications has over 40years of experience wiring, installing and supporting for both business and residential applications. We will inspect your site and develop a solution that will protect the investment you have made in your technology.


We have been certified by NORTEL NETWORKS to support the NORTEL systems.





We also offer network solutions including:

  • T1
  • Local voice and long distance
  • Computer network design
  • Internet connections with frame relay and DSL


Router configurations including:

  • VPN
  • Client and point to point



Business Is Our Specialty!

T7316E+KIMThe NORSTAR key systems represents one of the best telephone systems values. The NORSTAR system is one of the most durable and reliable key systems available-with one of the lowest failure rates in the industry. To find out more about NORSTAR click here or contact SilverLake Communications.


We can provide service in the greater Seattle, Everett area North for Norstar. For the Wenatchee area Norstar and Avaya.


Call us for a free estimate on repairing, upgrading your existing phone system. Let us come to your business and show you how we can help.


Building A New Home or Small Business?

SilverLake Communications can wire and install:

  • Television-Cable and Satellite Systems
  • Surround Sound Systems
  • High definition TV systems
  • Computer Systems-Home and Business Networks